TIP: Cutting Dots into Lino

This video is a top tip on how to carve dots or little circle shapes into your lino.

Perfect if you need a dotted background or spots on something.

Watch the video for a full explanation and demonstration and then written instructions are also included below for reference.


Take a u-shaped cutter the width that you want your circle / dot to be. i.e. if you want your dot to be 3mm wide then select a 3mm u-shaped gouge.

Press the cutter down into the lino vertically.

Turn the lino around a full 360 degrees, carefully and slowly, keeping the cutter vertical.

Lift the linocutter once you have completed and your dot is complete. 

Sometimes this requires a little practice so have a go on some scrap lino first before applying it to finished print. 

Feel free to share images of any carving you have done using this technique in the comments section below. 

I hope this tip is helpful!

Have fun