Susan Yeates, Artist/Learning Linocut: A Foundation Course in Linocut Printing

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Learning Linocut: A Foundation Course in Linocut Printing

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Learning Linocut is a self-paced online course that will teach you how to create successful single-block linocut prints using a few simple tools and materials. I will guide you through my exact techniques, tools and processes to help you to build your confidence and creativity in this art form. The perfect place to begin your journey into linocut or to hone your skills and technique a little further.

Finally, an online course that makes linocut simple!

Ever seen someone linocutting and thought ‘ooo that looks fun’, then tried it and struggled with getting the results you want?

Linocut often appears simple when you watch those who know how, but it can take years to truly master and feel comfortable with those carving tools and rollers.

You no longer have to search for clear, step-by-step advice on EVERY stage of the linocut process. It is all here for you:

- Learn how to generate ideas for your prints
- Get confident with your carving
- Improve your inking technique
- Get great consistent prints every time
- Make linocut prints good enough to frame (or sell)...

Let's find out how...

Introducing Learning Linocut: A Foundation Course in Linocut Printing

A self-paced online course that teaches you how to create successful single-block linocut prints from home using a few simple tools and materials. 

By the end of this course you will be carving like a pro!

Getting the foundations right is so important in any creative practice and linocut is no exception. 

This online course provides the essential foundations for making linocut prints - from generating ideas, to carving designs (how you want them), inking and of course printing... that first successful 'peel-and-reveal' is a truly special moment. 

What students are saying...

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for linocuts! It has inspired me to get out my tools that have been languishing in the back of my art cupboard and start looking into ways that I can get creative with multi-media linocuts."

Jo Mead, 2022

Watch the Trailer

Here is a sneak peek inside this comprehensive foundation course in Linocut printing...

Learn how to

Generate ideas for linocut (even if you can't draw!)

The whole of module 3 is dedicated to finding inspiration and prepping ideas for linocut prints.

Transfer a design to the lino successfully

Before carving you need to prep your lino block and transfer over the design - learn the significance of the 'magic flip!'

Use your carving tools safely and effectively

Understand exactly what parts to cut out and what to leave. Oh, and no cut fingers please… 

Lay out your home workspace effectively for printing

A simple table is all you need - make the most of this space for stress-free printing every time!  

Understand how to carve a design in different ways

Image interpretation is the key to a successful print. Let's explore white line, black line, negative cutting or positive cutting.

Explore colour by mixing inks and rolling colour blends

Learn 'rainbow rolling', how to apply chine colle, basic colour theory, colour mixing and more... 

Print by hand effectively without need for a press

Wooden spoons at the ready! (although I will demo my mini-etching press and larger relief press just for fun.) 

Get consistent prints, time after time

Printing becomes a breeze, once you know how. Learn my top tips for consistent printing each time you burnish (a fancy term for rubbing the back of the paper.)

Troubleshoot common problems and issues

Not everything goes exactly to plan, so throughout this course I explain some of the common pitfalls of printing and how to overcome them.

What students are saying...

“Susan's course is amazing! It is a super robust and comprehensive course that has everything you need to know to get started in linocut. Her teaching style is wonderful and gentle. It helps give me confidence to explore my creativity. I can't wait to get all of my supplies so that I can get cutting!"

Shelby Dillon, Apr 2022

Create finished prints good enough to frame

Join me to make beautiful linocut prints perfect as finished works of art.
 Give them as gifts, hang them on your walls or start selling your work. 

Build your confidence and creativity...

Never struggle for ideas again in this inspiring course PACKED full of ways to work with linocut. I will show you ways to generate ideas for prints, set practical projects that hone your skills and provide ‘on-the-fly’ advice as you work through the modules. You will learn how to carve linocut blocks with confidence and be BURSTING full of ideas by the time you reach the end! 

Hi, I'm Susan

Linocut printmaker, artist, author and online educator.

I have been teaching people to do linocut through workshops and online courses for over 15 years. I've educated over 3000 students and lost count of the number of people that have bought my two bestselling books: Learning Linocut and Beginner's Guide to Linocut.

This course, Learning Linocut contains over 20 year's worth of specialist knowledge in the subject, carefully crafted into a progressive, practical and enjoyable online course.  I love linocutting and want to share some of my enthusiasm and passion for the technique by explaining every single step of the journey from idea to finished print. 

Come on into my studio and let's learn linocut together...

Here's what's inside...

Let's break it down

Instant access to all modules of the course from the moment you enrol

Ongoing 'lifetime' access meaning you can return to the course videos again and again when you need. 

Self-paced video content for every stage of the linocut process

Work at your own pace and in your own time. Binge-watch or little and often - the choice is yours. 

A comprehensive materials guide and reading list

Downloadable PDFs for both, plus separate videos on specialist equipment such as cutters, paper, lino blocks and inks. 

Tutor support and access to the online student community

You can ask me questions through the course portal itself or join the Facebook Group to meet other students on the course.

Overhead videos of carving and printing techniques

Plus multiple camera angles, time-lapse videos and face-to-face discussions giving you the best view for every stage! 

Projects to explore and practice your skills

Each module has a separate project to consolidate learning. Plus bonus projects in module 7 - just for fun and inspiration! 

Fall in love with linocut!

That's right, this course will help you to fall in love with linocut, just like I have. From those first (maybe wobbly) and hesitant cuts to prints you are really proud of, this is a fun journey of self-discovery and creativity. Seriously, I'm so excited about the prints you are about to create...

Course Contents

Here's a complete module-by-module breakdown of this detailed online course...

Look out for any orange 'preview' buttons as you get a sneaky peek of those lessons for FREE!

Module 1 - Getting Started

Welcome to this foundation course in linocut printing.

Welcome to the Course!
  • 3 mins
  • 175 MB
Getting to Know Each Other
  • 7 mins
  • 356 MB
Facebook Support Group
    What is Linocut?
    • 9 mins
    • 470 MB
    Studio Tour: My Home Studio Space
    • 8 mins
    • 429 MB
    Laying Out Your Workspace
    • 4 mins
    • 222 MB
    We’ve just planted a tree!

      Module 2 - Tools Out!

      This module is a deep-dive into the tools and materials required to study this course.

      The module begins with a video overview of the tools and materials required, followed by the downloadable (and printable) materials list as a PDF, and then individual videos explaining the specific tools and materials required in more detail. 

      By the end of this module you will have a clear understanding of the tools and materials required to study this course and also some of my favourites that I will be using for the demonstrations. 
      Tools and Materials Overview
      • 6 mins
      • 348 MB
      Full Materials List (PDF Download)
      • 18.2 MB
      All About Lino
      • 11 mins
      • 634 MB
      Alternative Blocks
      • 8 mins
      • 445 MB
      Cutting Tools
      • 9 mins
      • 481 MB
      Printing Ink
      • 11 mins
      • 604 MB
      • 12 mins
      • 657 MB

      Module 3 - Any Ideas?

      In this section we look at finding inspiration for our prints and exploring design ideas.
      Finding Inspiration: An Introduction
      • 4 mins
      • 183 MB
      Start a Sketchbook
      • 3 mins
      • 168 MB
      Exercise: Who What Why Where
      • 10 mins
      • 564 MB
      Where to Source Inspiration (A Heirarchy)
      • 10 mins
      • 541 MB
      Work From a Photo
      • 5 mins
      • 264 MB
      TIP: Using Templates
      • 3 mins
      • 136 MB
      Reading List (video)
      • 7 mins
      • 367 MB
      Full Linocut Reading List (PDF)
      • 10.6 MB
      Sketchbook Tour and Examples
      • 9 mins
      • 507 MB
      Project: Generate a Design
      • 6 mins
      • 292 MB
      Demonstration: Cups Designing Part 1
      • 8 mins
      • 408 MB
      Demonstration: Cups Designing Part 2
      • 7 mins
      • 352 MB

      Module 4 - Cut the Block

      In this section we look at carving our lino blocks.
      Cutting Tips and Safety Advice
      • 10 mins
      • 533 MB
      Try Your Tools
      • 9 mins
      • 496 MB
      Prepping the Block
      • 5 mins
      • 269 MB
      TIP: Cut Lino to Size
      • 4 mins
      • 177 MB
      Exercise: Cutting Practice
      • 7 mins
      • 374 MB
      Image Interpretation
      • 8 mins
      • 433 MB
      TIP: Creating an Irregular Shaped Block
      • 3 mins
      • 134 MB
      TIP: Cutting Dots into Lino
      • 3 mins
      • 121 MB
      Project: Pattern Sampler
      • 4 mins
      • 182 MB
      Carving Demonstration 1: Floating Cups
      • 7 mins
      • 371 MB
      Carving Demonstration 2: A5 Cup Print
      • 4 mins
      • 318 MB

      Module 5 - Let's Get Inky

      This section is all about mastering inking and printing...
      Basic Inking and Printing
      • 12 mins
      • 667 MB
      Troubleshooting Printing
      • 10 mins
      • 578 MB
      What is Registration?
      • 13 mins
      • 701 MB
      Cleaning Up
      • 6 mins
      • 299 MB
      Drying Prints
      • 4 mins
      • 217 MB
      Demonstration: Using the Slama Press
      • 7 mins
      • 355 MB
      Demonstration: Using a Mini 3D-Printed Etching Press
      • 5 mins
      • 276 MB
      Demonstration: Using A Relief Press
      • 4 mins
      • 220 MB
      Printing an Edition of Prints
      • 11 mins
      • 633 MB
      Demonstration: “Tea for Two” (Two Blue Cups)
      • 9 mins
      • 478 MB
      Demonstration: “Tea for Two” (Printing the Edition)
      • 3 mins
      • 174 MB
      Project: Print an Edition
      • 4 mins
      • 225 MB
      Demonstration: Creating an A5 Registration Board
      • 5 mins
      • 266 MB
      Demonstration: Printing the A5 Cup Print
      • 6 mins
      • 323 MB

      Module 6 - Colour Play

      We don't just print in black...
      Basic Colour Theory
      • 10 mins
      • 550 MB
      Colour Mixing
      • 9 mins
      • 523 MB
      Rainbow Roll (Creating a Colour Blend)
      • 7 mins
      • 357 MB
      Hand Colouring
      • 6 mins
      • 335 MB
      Chine Colle
      • 7 mins
      • 362 MB
      Background Colour
      • 6 mins
      • 307 MB
      Coloured Paper
      • 3 mins
      • 133 MB
      Project: Colour Mix Magic
      • 2 mins
      • 112 MB

      Module 7 - Lino Without Limits

      In this section we look at some fun projects to practice your skills and the endless possibilities with lino...
      Welcome to Module 7
      • 2 mins
      • 82.1 MB
      Project: A Patchwork print
      • 5 mins
      • 275 MB
      Project: Totally Text
      • 2 mins
      • 102 MB
      Presenting Your Work
      • 7 mins
      • 396 MB
      Selling Your Work
      • 9 mins
      • 474 MB
      This is the Beginning NOT the End!
      • 5 mins
      • 264 MB
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        What students are saying...

        “ Thanks to Learning Linocut, I have a comprehensive understanding of the entire creative process. The lessons are easy to understand and apply. Susan is the most generous teacher and a pleasure to learn from. I’m excited about adding this technique to my creative toolbox.”

        Mariana Durst, April 2022.

        This course is for you if:

        • You are a beginner to linocut looking to get started
        • You have been dabbling for a while but want some tips on getting better results 
        • Are a serious amateur artist looking for new techniques and a creative boost
        • Are an art student or professional artist looking to add linocut into your creative repertoire
        • Are currently stuck for ideas for prints 
        • Want to find new ways to use linocut and explore some fun projects
        • Can't quite get the results you are looking for at the moment
        • Want to make finished linocuts onto paper or greetings cards that you sell
        • Just LOVE everything linocut like me....

        Plant Trees with Me!

        One tree is planted for every person that joins this online course - Learning Linocut. 

        Together we will be donating to the climate change charity Ecologi to plant trees in a responsible way. Hopefully together as part of this little art community we can made a difference to our planet.

        Note: The donation / tree planting happens automatically on sign up.

        Because I believe so fully in this online course, I’m proud to offer this generous refund and cancel anytime promise.

        Try it out and if you’re not happy, email me within 10 days for a full refund of your payment.

        Frequently asked questions

        Here’s what others have asked before joining:

        What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

        Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

        What materials do I need to join the course?

        The materials needed for linocutting are discussed and described in detail within the course. There are separate videos for example on specialist materials such as carving tools, paper and inks. However, you can download the free linocut materials list before starting the course should you want to get stocked up in advance. Look for the 'essentials page' for the course-required materials.

        I still have a question, how can I contact you?

        I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

        I already studied the ‘old’ version of this course - how is this course different?

        Oh, what a great question. The first version of this course was recorded in 2017, and whilst the basic content in that (now retired) course is great, this NEW course is almost three times the size and broken down into very clearly structured modules to guide you through the process step-by-step. This course covers more specialist techniques, tips and projects that weren’t in the old course. And to be honest I have five more years of experience with teaching online, including new camera, lighting, sound and editing equipment, meaning that the videos are much clearer to watch. This course takes the basic premise of the old one and super-charges it into an online course experience like no other. Seriously - this course is like 5 times better, oh, and I have blue hair now - I had brown before :) 

        I’m a complete beginner to linocut - is this for me?

        Absolutely it is. This course guides you through every step of the process from coming up with ideas, to carving, inking and finally printing. I assume at the start of the course that you have no knowledge of linocut and gradually build up from there. This course gives you all the foundations to get linocutting successfully in a short space of time.  

        How long does it take to study the course?

        The great thing about a self-paced online course is that you can take as much (or as little) time to study the course as you need. Some students like to binge watch the content and get moving quickly on it, others like to pace themselves and work slowly and steadily, repeating sections that they need the most practice on. As a general guide though I would say that if you completed one module per week, completing the exercises and project as you progress, you would work through the course in around 6-7 weeks. 

        How long do I have access to the course content?

        With this course (and all of my short online courses), you have ‘lifetime access’ to the course content i.e. for as long as this platform is here and available. There is no expiry date for the course, so in a year’s time or even longer you can dip back in again to the course to get re-inspired and refresh whatever section you need. 

        Does this course cover linoprinting onto fabric?

        Once you have the skills for carving lino, you can of course print your blocks onto fabric too. However, this course does not specifically describe the methods (and inks) for doing so. If you are looking for a course on fabric printing I would instead recommend my Fabric Printing Masterclass that details everything about printing your own handmade fabrics:  

        Does this course cover multiple-block printing?

        This course is a foundation course in linocutting and focussed on getting the most out of a single block of lino - there is a LOT we can do here. We do explore several ways to apply colour, methods of carving the block and discuss registration to get some seriously good looking results. These skills are essential to master before looking at working with more than one lino block. Multiple block printing (and reduction printing) will be covered in the follow up course to this one to be launched in 2023.  

        The perfect place to begin your journey into linocut...

        Yes, you are in safe hands here!

        After teaching thousands of people linocut through my face-to-face workshops, online courses and two Amazon No.1 bestselling books on the subject, I am confident that I can help you with your printmaking. 

        This course is packed full of top tips, advice, example works, exercises and projects for you to develop and practice your skills. 

        I've done all the hard work and research for you, I’ve made all the mistakes (seriously I cut my finger the very first time I did a linocut in the year 2000!), I’ve surveyed my students, answered thousands of questions over the years so you can just hit play, watch and learn...

        I can't wait to see you on the inside.

        • £120
        • 4 payments of £35

        Learning Linocut: A Foundation Course in Linocut Printing

        • Course
        • 66 Lessons

        Learning Linocut is a self-paced online course that will teach you how to create successful single-block linocut prints using a few simple tools and materials. I will guide you through my exact techniques, tools and processes to help you to build your confidence and creativity in this art form. The perfect place to begin your journey into linocut or to hone your skills and technique a little further.