Welcome to the Course!

Hello and a huge welcome to this online course: Learning Linocut: A Foundation Course in Linocut Printing.

My name is Susan and I will be your course tutor. 

This course is a complete and in-depth look at the art of linocutting. It brings together many years of my teaching knowledge, art practice and experience of linocutting, and I can't wait to share this with you and see what you create. 

The image below pictures me in my home studio in Surrey in the UK where this course has been created and filmed.

I am so excited to get started and take you on a wonderful journey to explore all the wonders of linocutting.

Hit play on the video above to get started. In this video I will introduce the course and welcome you in.

When you have completed the lesson, hit the ‘continue’ button and move onto the next one!

I do recommend that you study this course in the order that it is presented to you as each module is progressive and builds upon the knowledge learnt so far.

Comments and Questions?

Throughout the course you can comment and ask questions using the comments feature at the bottom of each page. 

This will be seen by both myself (Susan) and other students of the course. This way we all get to connect and share the experience of the course together.

Myself or a member of my team will endeavour to answer all comments that require a response within 48 hours. 

See you soon...